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Summer Camp under Way --- Three Big
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-07-28

On the afternoon of July 27, the multi-purpose hall of Qiaobo International Convention Center was turned into an ocean of joy as our campers were visited by three big friends: Bluestar director and Elkem CEO Helge Aasen, BSI CEO Frederic and Qenos Vice President and CFO Andrew Smith. 

Before that, campers spent two days preparing programs under the leadership of instructors to entertain the three special guests. It was quite a show: children entered the hall by class: Class 1 the Australian delegation, Class 2 the Norwegian delegation, Class 3 the German delegation, Class 4 the French delegation and Class 5 the Chinese delegation. All delegations presented joyful and heart warming performances of their own characteristics, impressed their new friends with neat formation, beautiful voice and energetic dances, and wowed the whole audience.

Following the show, the three guests took turns to express their gratitude towards the organizer and their expectations and blessings for the children, talk and take photos with those from their home country.

Big friends arrive, talking to foreign team leaders.

Take your seat before the show starts.

Class 5 opens the show with the song "Welcome to Beijing" and the dance "Green Light".

Class 1 takes over the stage with the song "You Raise Me up" and another joyful handclapping song.

Class 2 makes funny imitations of animals and does the fast-paced square dance while singing "Fox Says" and "Little Apple", arousing much laughter from the audience.

Class 3 brings the scene to a climax with the song "My Boss Asks Me to Patrol the Mountain" and the German song "It's a Beautiful Day", with guests and instructors dancing joyfully together with children.

Class 4 frisks onto the stage against the beat of "Sugar" and then dances passionately against the music "Logobitombo" and "Manual of Youth".

Dai Mian (Andrew Smith) talks and takes photos with Australian campers and their team leader

Helge and Norwegian campers

Frederic and French campers

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