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BlueStar Overseas Enterprises Procured Materials Globally to Help Fight the Epidemic
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2020-02-16

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, BlueStar has actively implemented the instructions and specific requirements of SASAC and the Group for the epidemic prevention and control, and fought resolutely against the epidemic, yet the relevant supplies were facing a temporary shortage. BlueStar-affiliated overseas enterprises had taken immediate actions at a crucial time, mobilized global channels to actively procure medical supplies and epidemic prevention materials, and then donated them to domestic enterprises for the prevention and control of COVID-19.

When epidemic struck, help came from all sides. Every movement of the outbreak was always affecting the hearts of overseas employees. Elkem Silicones was anxious about what domestic enterprises were anxious about, by actively procuring overseas the masks and other protective articles. On the one hand, they were keeping close contact with BlueStar headquarters, calculating the demand, and coordinating the transportation channels; on the other hand, taking advantage of its worldwide production and marketing network, Elkem Silicones were trying every means to emergency contact local suppliers of medical protective equipment to meet the procurement demand. After one week's efforts, 15,600 medical surgical masks and 70,000 protective masks were finally purchased from suppliers in Brazil and France and successively sent to Beijing. So far, 5,000 masks have been shipped to BlueStar Dongda, helping the enterprise fight the epidemic and resume production.

First responding to the BlueStar's call, the UK based Technical Absorbents Ltd (TAL) has immediately contacted the local protective equipment suppliers and procured 1,170 3M masks for shipment to Beijing under extremely tight inventory through the multi-party coordination and efforts.

In the face of surging demand for protective articles, and the "hard-to-get mask" in supply market, Qenos had, after confirming the demand with BlueStar headquarters, raced against time and coordinated resources overnight. Although Australia restricted the external supply of face masks due to its local epidemic control and fire disaster prevention, Qenos had still tried every means to contact British suppliers to search all purchase channels of protective equipment.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Adisso has been paying close attention to the progress of the epidemic, and urgently contacted many local French suppliers of medical protective equipment. Allowing for the differences in technical standards of protective equipment at home and abroad, Adisso conducted multi-party comparison and close communication to ensure that the epidemic prevention materials locally supplied from France could meet China's anti-epidemic needs in terms of technical functions.

REC Solar specially assigned a supply chain leader and a purchasing manager to help contact the protective equipment resources in South Korea and Turkey, using its global production and marketing network. Despite the procurement failed due to local policies, REC Solar was still actively seeking resources from other countries.

At the moment, the love-carrying medical supplies and epidemic prevention materials were coming across the sea. Making concerted efforts to jointly break through the current difficulties, BlueStar enterprises at home and abroad will continue helping and supporting each other, and actively mobilize resources to contribute to the victory of the epidemic prevention and control war.
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