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Elkem Spark Silicones Secured an Adequate Material Supply of "Silicone Rubber Medical Facepiece"
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2020-02-20

On February 8, the trucks full of Elkem Spark Silicones liquid silicone rubber LSR8600 products were urgently loaded to be delivered to a special labor protection equipment factory in Shenzhen. The client is a manufacturer specialized in the production of special labor protective masks in medical and industrial fields, and the raw materials of its "silicone rubber medical facepiece" are all the Elkem Spark Silicones LSR8600 series of products. It is reported that during the period of shortage of epidemic prevention supplies, the client had received strong support from the Shenzhen Municipal Government, were running at full capacity to produce 300,000 special masks daily, but still underproduced. Elkem Spark Silicones LSR8600 series of products are characterized by good biocompatibility, excellent physical properties, high tearing strength, not easy to break when products are out of the mold, plus good liquidity and easy processing, odorless and non-toxic, high temperature resistant, and sterilizable etc.

Faced with the severe shortage of medical supplies such as masks, disinfectants and protective suits during the raging epidemic, Elkem Spark Silicones had actively maintained communication with the clients, prepared sufficient inventory, and overcome difficulties for shipments by adjusting the logistics and transportation routes and other measures, so as to secure the orderly adequate supply of raw materials to the production enterprises of epidemic prevention supplies.
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