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Bluestar harvests new impetus during second trip to CIIE
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2019-11-20

The second China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off in Shanghai on November 5 at a higher level and with more activities. Participated by 64 countries, 15 of which were host countries, and three international organizations, the event launched more than 300 sideline events in total and witnessed the unveiling of new products and technologies. As an event integrating exhibition, trading, forum, people-to-people exchanges and diplomacy, CIIE was having its spillover effects multiplying. Bluestar’s foreign subsidiaries of Adisseo and Elkem Silicons were among the exhibitors and its domesitic subsidiary Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. participated in the activities.

This year was the second time Adisseo attended the CIIE. France was also one of the host countries, drawing particular attention to French exhibitors. Adisseo brought its star product to the expo and held a ceremony to celebrate its 80th founding anniversary on this special occasion. Sinochem Group Party chief and chairman of the board Ning Gaoning and deputy general manager Hu Xuteng, Bluestar Party chief, chairman of board and president of Adisseo Hao Zhigang, as well as Adisseo CEO Jean-Marc Dublanc attended the ceremony.

Ning Gaoning congratulated on the 80th founding anniversary of Adisseo and its newly-established partnership with Chinese milk producer Mengniu. He said that animal nutrition is very important to China’s breeding sector and the entire business chain. China’s diary producers eye not only on selling products, but also on every link along the industrial chain especially the quality of fodder supplies. With high technological contents, animal nutrients have a wide range of uses, he said, noting that Adisseo’s line of business for animal nutrient additives is of great potential. He called on the company to concentrate on its business, keep the original aspirations in mind and extend its glory of the past 80 years to the future.

Hao Zhigang said, in celebrating the 80th anniversary, Adisseo is not only sharing its glory and aspirations, but also asking the employees, partners and clients to join hands with it for greater success. Adisseo will continue its focus on innovation and development driven by transformation to keep its position as an industrial leader in the field of methionine, he said. At the same time, it will work to improve its business and innovation capability for manufacturing specialized products.

As a new exhibitor, Elkem Silicons launched multiple demonstration and interactive activities on site. It demonstrated how to make 3D printing with silicon materials and shared the application of its innovative technologies in areas of medical care, aerospace, auto making, architecture and intelligent robots. Subversive technologies that reshape and upgrade the entire industrial chain will be essential to realizing digital factories in the future. In addition, Elkem Silicons showcased the application of its silicon products in high-tech sectors of new-energy vehicles and life science.

The CIIE is a grand event for exchanges among businesses and a platform for business transactions and interconnectivity. At the event, Bluestar companies inked many deals.

Adisseo signed an agreement with Mengniu for strategic cooperation. Mengniu has business extending the enture industrial chain from milk sources to research and development, production and sales. And 100 percent of its milk source is provided in large scale and inclusive methods. The two sides established a wide-range, multi-layer and all-round partnership based on each other’s lines of business, special strengths and resources. Areas of cooperation cover but are not limited to the research and development of cow breeding technologies, exchanges of global advanced technology and successful experience and the development of new products and corresponding market promotions. The agreement will help Adisseo with its expansion of specialized products, particularly ruminant-related products, in the Chinese market. It also reflected the two sides’ determination and action in growing Chinese dairy market, improving service for Chinese consumers and giving a boost to Chinese dairy industry.      

The business department of Elkem Silicons in China established cooperation with the Wuhan Technology University. A signing ceremony was help, marking the deepening of bilateral cooperation and a solid step in the development of refractory materials in China. Since 2009, Elkem has been conducting close and long-term cooperation with Professor Li Wei with the university. Multiple research achievements, including the slag resistance performance of magnesia-based castables, the influence of SioxXRZero additive on refractory materials in blast furnace, and refractory castables under different integration systems, have been made. Elkem Silicons also set up a foundation for academic exchanges in the Wuhan Technology University, whose graduate students are studying at Elkem on exchange programs for nine years in a row.

Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement with Japanese company Kao Corporation. In 1987, Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. built the first set of PVC paste resin equipment in China and began to use emulsifying agents produced by Kao Corporation. Over the last 32 years, the two sides have been strengthening cooperation and grown to be strategic partners. Today, Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest consumer of polymer resin produced by Kao Corporation and also one of its core clients across the world. 

Speaking of the participation of Bluestar subsidiaries in the CIIE, Hao Zhigang said that they should use this platform to develop cooperation with international leading companies and draw on experience from them to broaden their international horizon in business operation, join in international competition, promote and realize high-quality development and build Bluestar companies into large multinationals in terms of business operation, management, resources deployment and human resources.

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