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Bluestar Joins K Show 2019
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2019-10-18

From 16 to 23 October, the 21st Plastics and Rubber International Exhibition (K Show 2019), which was widely expected by the global rubber and plastics industries, took place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Nantong Xingchen and Bluestar Chengrand Institute, directly managed companies of Bluestar, went to the event to promote the business and products of Bluestar overseas. They were well recognized attracted lots of attention.

The K Show, which takes place every three years, is the largest and most influential trade fair for global plastics and rubber industries. It has always been regarded by global plastics and rubber manufacturers as a business opportunity for information collection and technology exchange that should not be missed. Each K Show attracts famous manufacturers and professionals from all over the world, including BASF and 3M. The K Show 2019 occupied a net exhibition space of 173,961 square meters and attracted 3,293 exhibitors from 61 countries as well as over 230,000 professionals from about 161 countries.

A team of 8 from Nantong Xingchen and its Ruicheng Branch joined the fair at booth 7a15. In addition to understanding the development trends of new products and technologies to provide guidance for the companies' R&D and innovation, they conducted business negotiations with major customers from overseas like Europe and opened up new overseas distribution channels to further expand the overseas PBT and PPE market of Nantong Xingchen. Nantong Xingchen, as an important engineering plastics production base of Bluestar, is a leading professional supplier of engineering plastics products including PBT and PPE. The company's products are widely used in automobiles, electrical and electronic equipment, household and everyday consumer goods, etc. Nantong Xingchen has always adhered to its business philosophy of "innovation driver, and sincere services" and strives to become a world-renowned professional PBT and PPE supplier that leads the industry and is well recognized by customers.

Bluestar Chengrand Institute has been taking the European market as a key overseas destination of its products. It has participated in the K Show many times in a row as part of its continuous efforts to develop new customers and expand new channels. At the K Show 2019, it focused on promoting engineering plastic products, including red phosphorus flame-retardant masterbatch and plastic additives, along with silicone rubber related products. At present, the red phosphorus flame-retardant masterbatch produced by Bluestar Chengrand Institute is steadily purchased by customers from European countries like Italy and Turkey and has gained a good reputation in foreign markets. As a result, the BLUESTAR brand value has further enhanced in the field of international engineering plastics.

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