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Elkem Silicone’s Project "Application of Silicone 3D Printing in Healthcare" Wins Innovation Award
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2019-07-17

The 2018 Awarding Ceremony for Central Enterprise Shining Star Innovation Competition was held in Beijing. Elkem Silicone, an overseas subsidiary company of Bluestar Group, won an award for excellence in innovative projects.

3D printing is a national key development area. Currently, 3D printing materials on the market are mainly metal and plastic. As a kind of elastomer material, silicone materials have outstanding advantages such as high temperature resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, long-term aging resistance and good biocompatibility. Therefore, 3D printed silicone materials have bright prospects for wide applications which can be used not only in medical fields but also in other fields such as aerospace, automotive, construction, intelligent robots, etc., with great economic and social benefits.

As a world's leading supplier of silicones, Elkem Silicone has more than 60 years of experience in research and development, providing customized silicone solutions for multiple fields such as energy, transportation, construction, health and personal care, and electronics.

The Central Enterprise Shining Star Innovation Competition was launched in September 2018. A total of 200 projects stood out among the 2,658 projects and won awards. Elkem’s winning the award has further manifested its achievements in the field of silicone 3D printing technology. The company will continue to innovate and promote the project in a continuous and extensive way, continue to develop new technologies for silicone 3D printing, and realize its goal of offering new printing experience for people’s lives.

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