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Elkem Silicone Wins the 2019 Ringier Technology Innovation Award
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2019-06-23

On June 21st, at the 2019 Personal Care Products Technology Summit & Exhibition hosted by Ringier Industrial Media, “Phenyl Silicone Concentrate Products” developed by Elkem Silicone won the 2019 Ringier Technology Innovation Award through comprehensive evaluation of safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, which demonstrated the world’s leading innovation and research strength of Elkem Silicone in personal care products and cosmetics industry.

The Ringier Technology Innovation Award is one of the most professional and influential industry awards in China. It is co-founded by the leading industrial media, Ringier Industrial Media and its subsidiary magazine “HAPPI China International Personal Care Products Manufacturers”.

"Phenyl Silicone Concentrate" is a functional ingredient developed by Elkem Silicone and used in world-renowned personal care brands. The concentrate contains three products in a series which are developed to satisfy the customers’ needs for gloss in their personal care products, especially for Asian customers to brighten skin tone in skin care products. Since phenyl silicone oil has a significant brightening effect in the products, its greasy feel in use and after use causes a poor customer experience. Related scientific experiments and data show that the series of products developed by Elkem Silicone have added film-forming properties based on the high refractive index of phenyl silicone oil, and provide excellent silky skin feel, non-greasy feel, skin feel, moisturizing effect, breathability and low-sensitivity. These properties provide excellent technical support for the development of high-gloss makeup product. All three products can be applied to different cosmetics production according to different formulations and application requirements.

At the exhibition, Elkem Silicone also showed the basic silicone products by Chinese factories and special silicone products by European and American factories to industry experts and customers. As a world leader in upstream and downstream integration of silicone industry, Elkem Silicone has laboratories and production facilities in China, Europe, the United States and Brazil. Oriented on innovation, Elkem Silicone will adhere to the "scientific supremacy" concept of China's chemical industry, and strive to make greater contributions to product function improvement and industry technology upgrading.

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