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Qenos eXsource now in New Zealand
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2019-04-03

Qenos is extending its specialty polymer distribution group, eXsource into New Zealand.

 The arrival of eXsource opens a direct channel to New Zealand manufacturers, with a new and expanded product range of local and international specialty polymers.

The launch of eXsource in New Zealand is an exciting chapter for us. It means that we can now offer New Zealand businesses big and small an accountable and reliable supply of the best local and international polymers with short lead times. Our New Zealand team will be on the ground to offer Australian produced product, as well as specialty polymers from a range of world-class manufacturers.”, said Ged Beckton, eXsource Business Manager.

A pioneer in the Australian polymer market, Qenos has been supplying polyethylene to the manufacturing and processing industries for over 60 years. The launch of the New Zealand arm of eXsource means the group now provides the very best product, service and supply to the New Zealand market.

The new eXsource channel will:

- Provide a wide range of polymers from manufacturers such as Qenos, Bluestar, LyondellBasell and others

- Offer a broad product range of polymers and additives that are used in flexible packaging films, injection moulding, blow-moulding, hot-melt adhesive applications, polymer and wax modification, pipe and cable, bitumen modification and other polymer conversion processes

 - Delivery ex-stock with comprehensive customer service and a hassle-free supply and logistics program

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