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China Bluestar Chengrand successfully developed a new generation of liquid silicone rubber materials for flexible insulators
Source: 新葡新京(集团)股份有限企业 Date: 2018-08-23

 China Bluestar Chengrand Co., Ltd was invited to participate in the working conference of the insulator operation expert group and the insulator technology new technology expert group and released a new generation of liquid silicone rubber material for flexible insulators during the meeting.

The product introduced this time is a direct-loading flexible insulator material jointly developed by China Bluestar Chengrand and a large electrical equipment company based in Guangdong, which has aroused the interest of the participating power equipment manufacturers and experts in the power field. Relevant personnel of China Bluestar Chengrand gave a detailed introduction on the performance and technical route of this material. The flexible insulator, which is made of new liquid silicone rubber, can significantly improve the safety and service life of the insulator in comparison with the existing composite insulator.

Directly Loadable Flexible Insulators” is an independent research project of  China Bluestar Chengrand targeting for the planning of key market applications. It was included in the Science and Technology Fund Support Project in 2016 and is fully supported by China Bluestar Chengrand's own fund. The project mainly provides technical support and product reserves in key market directions for future purpose. At present, the material is being verified by downstream cooperative enterprises in equipment manufacturing and market applications, and is expected to become a new growth point of silicone rubber materials in the field of electric power.

 China Bluestar Chengrand has always adhered to the market-oriented policy, actively encourages and supports scientific research personnel to go out. It also continuously strengthens the promotion of new products and new technologies by participating in downstream industry seminars and publishing papers.

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