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Bluestar Silicones holds the Silicones Class to show employees’ children the different careers.
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-08-04

The Silicones Class Project

A group of 12 teenagers was invited to our Saint Fons and Roussillon plants from June 27th to 29th, to discover our company and all the professions related to the making of silicones products.

?Social commitment:

Bluestar Silicones launched the Silicones Class project as part of an internal program geared to encourage employees’ initiatives to improve their work environment, foster discussions and strengthen their pride of being part of the company.

This project was led by a group of five employees. Each of them contributed to defining the program, managing logistical aspects, organizing meetings and demonstrations, and escorting the children on site.

?Discovering more than 20 trades:

Bluestar Silicones chose a project that was meant for employees’ children. The objective is to guide these children through their discovery of the different professions, to widen their scope of possibilities in the chemical industry and provide them with career guidance. During the Three-day Silicones Class, the kids discovered more than twenty different trades, by meeting with experts, visiting the research laboratories or production workshops. Through these various professions, we highlight the diversity of experience and teams needed to make a business work.

This year, to highlight our commitment to the environment and biodiversity, we welcomed a professional entertainer with whom we built chickadees’ nesting boxes and ladybugs’ houses.

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