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Automotive Safety Week in Saint Fons'' plant
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-06-27

An internal event to gather and celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first patent dedicated to the airbags market.

Tribute to all our people contributing to road safety improvement for 20 years !

Real life crash simulations, exhibition and workshops and laboratory visits were on the agenda for the Automotive Safety Week in Saint Fons’ plant, from June 20th to June 25th! This internal event was organized as part of our 20 years anniversary of development and innovations for the airbag industry, and a good occasion for everyone to gather and celebrate Bluestar Silicones successful contribution to road safety.

Airbags are familiar to everyone, but rarely people know why silicones are used in an airbag, nor do they realize that there could be up to 3 different silicones on a single cushion. A good part of the exhibition was about explaining our team members and coworkers how their daily efforts to make great and reliable silicone products help our customers to design and make safer cars, with efficient and durable safety systems.

As the summer holidays period is approaching, it was also a good moment to remind everyone that road safety starts with good driving skills: how to proper buckle the seat belt, what the good practices are, what happens when an automobile crashes, etc. A few of our fellow employees could even experience “live” the rollover crash as well as the low speed crash!!

Our last tip to all: always look at the safety features and ranking when choosing a car, check it is always in good driving conditions, and respect the safety rules on the road. Drive carefully and enjoy your summer holidays !  

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