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Adisseo Release the Sustainable Development Report
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2016-06-08

Adisseo released its sustainable development report for 2015 on June 3. The report summarizes the company’s efforts and contribution in terms of production security, sustainable growth, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.  

As a world-leading expert in nutritional additives for animals, Adisseo has always prioritized sustainable development and realizes sustainable growth while trying to enhance the food chain efficiency and quality. In 2015, Adisseo worked jointly with Novozymes to launch the first probiotic product for poultry, which can not only improve the animals' health and quality as well as the fodder utilization ratio, but also help save resources and promote sustainable development of the animal farming industry.   

Adisseo strongly believes that zero internal and external incidences and no harm to the environment is the real achievement of an enterprise. Firmly and comprehensively observing the core principle of security, Adisseo has always given priority to “zero incident”. The year 2015 witnessed its greatest ever achievement in production security. The Burgos factory in Spain is expected to realize the goal of zero incidents for 1,000 consecutive days in 2016.

Regarding environmental protection, it has enhanced the energy utilization efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and fulfilled its corporate responsibility in environmental protection through wastes classification management, energy recycling and reutilization, and transportation route adjustment. In 2015, Adisseo has partnered with NEOEN, a company specialized in the renewable energy sector to build a thermal power plant that can generate electricity and steam simultaneously. This project won for Adisseo the Responsible Care Chairman Award from the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM).

While further enhancing satisfaction and devotion of its employees, Adisseo actively provides job opportunities to the disabled. By employing disabled people to assume some positions in core business departments, it has significantly enhanced recognition of these employees for their own capability and value. In 2015, the company actively participated in the activities of Elevages sans Frontières (Livestock without Borders). It helped near 1,000 households in Benin to get food and income by raising poultry, and then get rid of poverty and improve their living quality.

Adisseo CEO Jean-Marc Dublanc expressed that the idea of sustainable development has been manifested in all routine work in Adisseo. According to its development strategy, the company must take into consideration sustainable development when launching each of its projects. Adisseo will continue to attach great importance to sustainable development and play a due role in promoting development of human being, the nature and economy.

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