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Bluestar Silicones Debuts Its New Medical Technology in China
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-10-19

At the New Material Application Technology Forum at recently held 2015MEDTEC China, Bluestar Silicones presented its new silicone technology for treating scars and wounds, in an effort to apply the silicone technology more widely in areas of dentistry, orthopedics, prosthesis and comfort care.  

It also showed its product Xibang’anTM HC2 2022 which was a platinum-catalyzed silicone-gel skin adhesive specially developed to treat scars and wounds. The product was soft, gentle and easy to remove, capable of easing the pains for patients and applicable to broken skin and open wounds.  Besides, it’s an outstanding adhesive and can produce good adhesion effect even when applied in small amount. In this way, it’s cost-saving for the producer and the patient and could reduce the frequency of dressing change. It, as the experiment showed, could enhance the suppleness and comfort of dressings.  

The company also launched the Xibang’anTM HC2 series and their customized products, capable of meeting the diverse needs of its customers with a great diversity of features. All these products were produced in a safe environment, in ISO8 sterile rooms, and met the ISO 13485 standards of the Medical Devices Quality Management System, to ensure their cleanness and quality as medical products.  

The company’s another product Xibang’anTM biomedical liquid silicone for commercial purpose was also eyes-catching and could be planted into medical devices. Bluestar Silicones, a world-leading silicone producer, provides complete silicone solutions for the medical and health care market to meet the diverse needs of customers in different places.

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