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Bluestar E-business Platform: a New Trading Mode for Chemical Products
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2015-08-26

Under the new normal, the traditional marketing system of chemical products is in urgent need of transformation.   Working hard on innovations in the area of E-business and combining modern marketing principles with the Internet, China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd has successfully embarked on the high-speed train of “Internet +” and made remarkable achievements.  In the first half of this year Bluestar’s E-business revenue surpassed the annual total of last year, accounting for more than 20% of its total sales income. The recent going online and upgrading of Bluestar E-business platform has become a hot spot both inside and outside the industry.

At the CHINAPLAS 2015 held in Guangzhou in May, the platform officially released by Bluestar attracted crowds of visitors.  In the demonstration area, Bluestar showed customers a business scenario where “it takes you only a minute to close a deal in organic silicon”. After customer logs onto the Bluestar E-business platform, he/she may browse the product’s technical information online and place an order within one minute.

The platform creates an actual scene of B2B business and provides excellent user experience.  Not only does it meet different customers’ requirements for product packing, accommodates different ways of delivery, different terms of payment, and different delivery periods, but customers may also give online notes about special technical indicators, special transport requirements and special packing requirements. Convenient and flexible, the platform meets the needs of different types of business.

The Bluestar E-business platform was upgraded recently in response to the growing complexity of the trading process of chemical products. By connecting and integrating the platform with the ERP system, order information can be instantly spread throughout the entire supply chain so that the customer service, production and logistics departments can make a rapid response to the sales department. Based on the cooperation between the platform and third-party logistics companies, the customer can track the geographic location and driving state of the freight vehicle in real time. The optimized online quotation menu supports a more sophisticated pricing management model that includes stepwise discount rules, customer level rules, framework agreement rules, special approval rules, etc. Online contract management has further standardized the process of signing and performing E-business contracts and improved management efficiency.  Thanks to business process optimization and IT application, the internal process of handling product orders has reduced from 300 minutes to 30 minutes.

China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd will continue to make innovations in the area of E-business, further strengthen the integration of “technology” and “business”, launch more E-business platforms for other categories of products, and create new business models for the chemical industry.

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