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The 26th Bluestar International Summer Camp Comes to an End
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-08-10

The 26th Bluestar International Summer Camp successfully ended on August 9 in the little campers’ lingering song “Grow up under the Blue Sky”.

Prepared in 4 months, participated in by 947 little campers from 22 sub-camps in 9 countries, and lasting 20 days, the Summer Camp provided the little “blue stars” with a good opportunity to learn, explore and have fun.  

At the closing ceremony held in the evening, kids from Guangxi performed “Return from the Fair with Joy”, a dance with a strong local style. As the only foreign camper to learn Chinese dance, Jessica from Australia was beautifully performing in harmony with other dancers. Children from Gulangyu presented a bamboo clapper program "Let’s Praise Bluestar Summer Camp", which made everyone burst into laughter. Hip hop "Uptown Funk" added a trendy color to the scene. Although the foreign leading singer was unable to pronounce the lyrics clearly in the chorus “Mission”, he was earnest in expression and accurate in tone, winning applauses from the audience. Finally, a series of performances of various martial arts brought the Summer Camp closing ceremony to culmination. Parents were focused on children's wonderful performance, laughing and wiping cheerful tears from time to time.

Mr. Lu Xiaobao, Deputy General Manager of ChemChina and General Manager of Bluestar, gave an enthusiastic speech at the ceremony. He spoke highly of the 26th Summer Camp, saying that the theme of the activity “inheriting civilization by you and me” was very well interpreted and little friends from all over the world had a wonderful time of 20 days together.  The Summer Camp has become a good platform for Chinese and foreign employees of Bluestar to carry forward their corporate culture from one generation to another and continuous efforts should be made to cherish, maintain and improve the platform, he continued. Finally, he wanted the children to have their own dreams and march forward steadily toward the future.

The 20-day activity broadened the little campers’ horizon, enriched their knowledge and established their friendship.  When the closing ceremony came to an end, the little friends embraced with one another, reluctant to leave. The Bluestar International Summer Camp is a fertile piece of land, on which Bluestar people sow seeds from all parts of the world and wait for them to grow out of the soil, flourish, bloom, and bear fruit. This is the expectation and mission of all Bluestar employees.

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