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Celebrate the National Theme Day at 26th Bluestar International Summer Camp
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-08-03

Chinese and foreign campers stage a wonderful show 

The little chef from Australia attracts a huge crowd

The Norwegian delegation, in bizarre ramie costumes, put Ibsen’s Peer Gnyt to stage.

French campers: “We are the Eiffel Tower!”

“Oh~ Champs Elysees… balabalala!” The song was sung beautifully at Beijing No.1 Sub-Camp. On July 31, the National Theme Day & the Press Day of the 26th Bluestar International Summer Camp was launched. Foreign campers staged wonderful shows and interesting activities to show their national culture to Chinese peers and other guests. The French delegation sung the classic song “Avenue des Champs-Elysees”; the Australian delegation performed a medley of songs, cooked snacks on the spot, and played rugby, attracting a long line of other campers who couldn’t wait to have a try. The Norwegian delegation, in unique costumes, put Ibsen’s Peer Gnyt to stage, invited other campers to taste the dried fish brought from North Europe and finish the map collage and introduced the folk customs of their country, the “Country of Islands” adjacent to the polar region to the audience.

Heads of the SASAC Information Center, executives of Bluestar, and journalists from CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and some other mainstream media were invited to the event and played and exchanged with campers with great enthusiasm. Bluestar board director Jonathan said, “Bluestar Summer Camp gives the children of Bluestar employees around the world the opportunity to engage in global cultural exchange and is a platform for the convergence and integration of corporate culture and national civilization.”

The Summer Camp has 22 sub-camps in 18 Chinese cities, attracting the participation of 940 campers who are children of Bluestar employees from nearly 10 countries. Among the 137 campers in Beijing No.1 Sub-camp, in addition to those children of Bluestar employees in Beijing, 45 are from Bluestar overseas branches in France, Australia and Norway, 18 from Gulang County in Gansu, a place receiving assistance from Bluestar for years, and the rest are children of Bluestar employees in Lianyungang, Shenyang and Guangxi.

As the only corporate summer camp hosted for the children of its employees and with the history of 26 years, Bluestar Summer Camp has extended its presence globally. It's not only the substantial embodiment of Bluestar’s corporate culture, but also a bridge connecting Chinese and foreign cultures and a creative channel for the communication between corporate cultures at home and abroad. In the past 26 years, the Summer Camp has produced batches of outstanding campers, and some of them have become Bluestar employees and some are still students. In this Summer Camp, they have learnt how to be useful to their country.

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