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Qenos’ New Pipe Resin Certified by ISO
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-07-31

Qenos, an overseas subsidiary of Bluestar, has recently announced that its Alkadyne?PE100 pipe resin, after tested by specialized testing agencies, has obtained the globally recognized certification of International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The product also meets the European Standard EN1555-1:2010 and EN 12201-1:2011 and obtains corresponding Australian certification, meaning that it has met the internationally recognized product standard and installation standard.
Alkadyne?PE100 pipe resin is produced with Univation’s PRODIGYTM Bimodal Catalyst.  The patented technology enables the product to perform exceptionally and can considerably extend the service life of pipes which can be widely used in water conservation and transmission, irrigation, wastewater management, mining and gas exploitation, etc.
Qenos, a world-class PE100 resin producer, is richly experienced in this field. It started to produce Alkadyne? products in 2008 and has produced over 70,000 tons of such high-performance PE100 pipe resin. So far, the product series has been upgraded, with the maximum diameter of 2m and the maximum wall thickness of 120mm. These pipes can be used in several end-user markets and matched with connection and installation technologies and are so resistant to compression that other pipes cannot compare with. Univation is the sole supplier of the UNIPOLTM polyethylene processing technology and the PRODIGYTM Bimodal Catalyst used to produce single-reactor bimodal HDPE (high density polyethylene) resin. The cooperation between these two industry leaders will guide the technological development direction of the industry. The ISO certification of PE100 products is a fruit of their close partnership.     
Stephen Bell, Qenos Vice President for Business said that the cooperation could maximize the value of products and technologies and meet the growing demand of the HDPE value chain. The ISO certification is the result of Qenos’ relentless pursuit of excellence and efforts to meet customers’ demands and proves that the Qenos-Univation partnership is fruitful and will create more value in the future.

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