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The 26th Bluestar International Summer Camp Opens
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2015-07-21

Bonjour! Hello! Gracias! Where are you from? Multiple languages are heard amid children’s laughter in the multifunctional hall of Bluestar Headquarters. On the morning of July 20, the annual Bluestar International Summer Camp was unveiled.

As the 26th version of the summer camp, this year’s camp has 22 sub-camps across the country with over 940 participants. For the first time, three sub-camps are held in Beijing and Sub-camp No. 1 welcomes over 40 foreign children from nearly 10 countries including France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Vietnam, Australia, and Brazil. All of them are the children of Bluestar overseas employees. Also in the sub-camp are students from Gulang County, Gansu Province, who receive aids from Bluestar. Present at the opening ceremony of the Beijing sub-camps were Ren Jianming, Deputy General Manager of ChemChina, and Liu Yawen, Assistant to GM and Party Secretary of Bluestar. Ren also granted camp flags to participants of the three sub-camps in Beijing.

Ren addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of ChemChina Chairman Ren Jianxin. He said that starting from only one summer camp in the northwestern border area of China, Bluestar summer camp has grown to have over 20 sub-camps across the country today, and its participants now include not only domestic children but also children of overseas employees from nine countries; started as a domestic event, it has now gone global and built itself into a cultural brand that promotes Bluestar’s corporate culture and contributes to inter-generational cultural inheritance; it serves as an effective way to bring together Bluestar employees from home and broad, integrate Chinese and foreign cultures, and lend momentum to the prosperity of Bluestar. He encouraged the young participants to care for one another, develop friendship, understand Bluestar’s corporate culture while trying to inherit civilization, build strong confidence in the chemical industry, and create a better future for the industry with their own efforts.

Liu Yawen said in her address that this year’s summer camp was themed “inheriting civilization by you and me” and that the inheritance of and exchanges between civilizations were what infuse our world with vitality. China is a country of etiquette and rites, and it values virtues highly. The communication and exchanges among domestic and foreign member companies of Bluestar contributes greatly to its prosperity. She hoped that the young participants would have more communications, achieve growth, and create a happy and beautiful summer together during theme days featuring certain countries, the Chinese classics day, friendly family activities and hiking & outdoor trainings.Children carry forward Bluestar’s missions and honors. When they join hands and forge ahead, their footsteps will form a blazed trail into the future.

Representatives of domestic and foreign participants and the organization team also spoke on the theme of this year’s summer camp. They expressed gratitude to Bluestar and great anticipations for the summer camp, saying that they would be ambassadors for Bluestar corporate culture, develop friendship, be happy, and learn new knowledge during the 20 days of the event. 

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