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Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery Ships Its Products to Europe
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-06-05

On June 1, before the gate of Pingleyuan Plant of Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery, 10 large carrier vehicles parked in a row, carrying two sets of caustic soda unit evaporation equipment manufactured by the company for Spolchemie in Czech, a member state of the European Union. The equipment, 16 pieces in total, are all made of special stainless steel and nickel metal and will be shipped to Czech following the “One Belt, One Road” direction, with the biggest being 11.5m long and weighing 8.4 tons.
Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery has overcome all sorts of difficulties to deliver the order. It entered into the supply contract with Spolchemie in January 2014, but the contract wasn't put into effect until October 1, 2014, which left Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery much less time for production. In addition, Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery adopted the Specifications on the Design and Manufacturing of Pressure Vessels universally applied in China for its production and processing, while Spolchemie used the EN13445 applied in the European Union for the acceptance check and there was a huge difference between the two standards. The EU standard raised new demands on the design, materials, process, welding and crack detection, making it more difficult to process the equipment. Meanwhile, Spolchemie demanded that a German authoritative certification company must be entrusted to follow and supervise the whole process of designing, manufacturing and examining the device to ensure its quality.
 During the implementation, Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery showed the team spirit and interdepartmental cooperation to the fullest extent in the crossover of design, purchase of materials and manufacturing and greatly improved the efficiency. To meet the world top standard, the company started with technician benchmarking, and dispatched six crack detection technicians, three design engineers and 83 welders in different batches to receive professional training in highly reputed training agency and obtain related certifications. To ensure the equipment quality, engineering technicians and manufacturing workers were meticulous in every link of the production process. The production site was paved with special rubber to protect the exterior of the equipment from any scratch and prevent the equipment from the contamination of iron ion. Special lifting belts were used in strict accordance with the standards for the lifting and transportation of processed pieces. It turns out that not a single scratch is found on large parts that are a dozen meters long.
Foreign supervisory experts at the production site were impressed with the company's technical strength. Their doubts were cleared and replaced by full confidence in the products and respect for engineering technicians of Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery.   

The shipping of the two sets of equipment marks that the official launch of the company’s products in the European market, and that the company’s production capacity and technical strength have reached the European level. It will lay a solid foundation for the company’s entry into the European market and other markets in the world.

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