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Turn the Sea into a Fountain --- Sea Water Desalination of Blusestar Covered by CCTV
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-06-05

As the World Environment Day approaches, on May 31, a feature program “The Legend of Membranes” was aired on “Dialogue”, CCTV 2. Themed on “Turn the Sea into a Fountain”, it tells the story of Hangzhou Water Treatment, a subsidiary of Bluestar, establishing and leading the membrane desalination technology and industry to benefit islands and coastal areas in shortage of fresh water.
 Facing the global shortage of water resources, people start to pay increasing attention to topics such as how to address the fresh water crisis and ensure the sustainable utilization of water resources. In the 60-minute program, Gao Congjie, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Zheng Genjiang, General Manager and Party Secretary of Hangzhou Water Treatment were invited to join Wang Xiaolin, Director of Tsinghua University Research Center for Membrane Technology and Engineering and Cao Yimin, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee for Liuheng New Zone of Zhoushan to review the evolvement of the sea water desalination technology and make suggestions on the industry’s development. In the forms of interview and video playing, the program shows how Hangzhou Water Treatment starts from importing the technology and then develops its own proprietary technology in China’s membrane desalination history. Through constant innovation, Hangzhou Water Treatment has made leapfrog development from importing the technology, to digesting and absorbing advanced experience and to commanding the core technology. The program also looks at the industry as a whole, and discusses sea water desalination from aspects of historical experience, industrial development and how to break the bottlenecks to its development.    

The program is well designed with one climax after another and the audience is keenly interested. It begins with a “magic show” in which Academician Gao is invited to use a micro desalination device to turn the muddy, bitter sea water into pure drinkable fresh water. After having a sip of it, the audience claims that it tastes like the bottled water. Then villagers on Liuheng Island come to stage to share with the audience how the desalination project has benefited them. Meng Youguo, Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Water Treatment and Chief Engineer Yang Bo contribute their ideas on how to expand the international market in light of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, on the integration and domestic production of sea water desalination system.   

The program has aroused warm response from all walks of society, built up the reputation of Bluestar and its subsidiaries, and further spread its eco-friendly concept of “Better Life with Bluestar”.  

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