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Elkem to Improve Quality and Efficiency through International Cooperation
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-06-05

Recently Elkem has formed partnership with industry leaders BASF and ThyssenKrupp as well as prestigious institutions of higher education and research institutes and initiated the RECOBA project, aimed to optimize the efficiency and flexibility of different kinds of batch processes via technology improvement and process control and thus improve the competitiveness of a significant portion of the relevant industry.   

The project has attracted the participation of big industrial actors such as BASF and ThyssenKrupp and leading academic institutions including the University of Cambridge. It’s learnt that the project has received six million euros from the European Union for a three-year period.   
“This project is a good fit for Elkem and our vision”, said Elkem Senior Vice President Havard Moe, “We, the world’s biggest producer of special alloy and metallurgical products and leading silicon material producer, work continuously to improve our product quality and process efficiency. Therefore, I take great pleasure in joining this collaboration with other large industry actors and leading research environments.” As a partner in the project, Elkem will focus on the application of a soft sensor technology to develop new off-lined models for ladle refining and casting.
Moe added, “Partnerships as RECOBA is a prerequisite for the European industry to maintain our industrial leadership, strengthen our competitiveness and develop even more environmental friendly production. I am looking forward to implement the future results from this project.”

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