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Bluestar Makes CHINAPLAS2015 Debut
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-05-25

CHINAPLAS 2015 was held from May 20 to 23, 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou. Bluestar, taking part in the event with its rubber and plastic products and solutions, has offered a sumptuous feast in its exhibition area of more than 180 square meters.

CHINAPLAS, first held in 1983, is the largest international exhibition on plastics and rubber industries in Asia and second largest in the world. This year’s event has attracted well-known enterprises from more than 40 countries. Bluestar for the first time took part in the exhibition together with some member companies as a whole, showcasing a wide range of products made from engineering plastics, silicon, neoprene, titanium dioxide, fibers, etc. The products and total solutions provided by many member companies of Bluestar were showed in a diverse and lively way, the companies including Nantong Xingchen, Xinghuo Silicones, Bluestar Silicones (Shanghai), Jinan Yuxing, Shanghai POM, Guangzhou Institute, Nantong Xingchen Ruicheng Branch, Bluestar Chengrand Institute, Shanna Rubber, Bluestar Fibers and TAL. Meanwhile, new products that are the results of the member companies’ own R&D also became the highlight of the exhibition, such as Lanxi MF7471UFR by Xinghuo Silicones and Bluestar Silicones.

The customer order system that Bluestar e-commerce officially launched at the exhibition made a bright spot. The single-stop order handling solution provides multimedia experience for customers making orders. With improved customer service, order processing is more efficient. The visitors at the exhibition were able to make orders online through the touch screen, and track order handling and logistics. The first day of the exhibition saw nearly a thousand visitors to the exhibition area of Bluestar, and more than 200 potential customers have made in-depth exchanges with on-site staff. The order platform helped Xinghuo Silicones make a good start when an e-commerce order worth more than 10 million yuan was placed on the first day.

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