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Geely clean-energy cars run on methanol fuel produced by Bluestar Cleaning Technology
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd Date: 2015-05-15

Recently, 150 Jeely Haijing SC7 cars rolled off the assembly line in a Geely factory located in Lanzhou New Area. The new cars are to serve as taxis in Lanzhou. A real highlight of the new cars is that they all use methanol fuel (M100) produced by Gansu Bluestar Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd., marking the official launch of Lanzhou’s methanol-fueled car pilot project and that the methanol vehicle fuel (M100) developed by Gansu Bluestar Cleaning Technology is finally put into use after testing. Representatives from Gansu Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Lanzhou Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Gansu Bluestar Cleaning Technology, Lanzhou Entrepreneur Taxi Company, etc. were invited to the ceremony for the departure of the new cars.

Methanol as vehicle fuel is a new clean fuel made by adding denatured alcohol to industrial methanol or fuel-grade methanol with exacting scientific process. Methanol vehicle fuel will supplement and partly replace petroleum fuel, which serves as an effective way to reduce energy intensity, improve comprehensive utilization of resources and promote environmental protection in China. Actively promoted by enterprises such as Gansu Bluestar Cleaning Technology and Jeely Lanzhou, the city of Lanzhou has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to become the fifth pilot city for methanol-fueled cars in an effort to further optimize the energy structure, reduce the use of fossil energy and thus to control air pollution. The methanol-fueled car pilot in Lanzhou sees the efforts of Gansu Bluestar Cleaning Technology to make full use of the advantage of resources provided by its methanol unit, developing methanol as vehicle fuel and for domestic use. Among its products, the M100, M85 and M15 methanol fuel have passed respectively the tests of National Center for Coal and Coal Chemical Industry Inspection and Testing, Chang’an University and Gansu Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The products feature a higher octane rating than M100, M85 and M15 unleaded gasoline of GB standards respectively. When making the methanol fuel, active components like cleaners are also added to make the fuel more potent, which completely comply with relevant regulations.

The internal exhaust emissions testing carried out in the past year shows that compared with petrol-fueled cars, cars using methanol fuel produced by Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning Technology feature a 25% to 35% reduction of pollutants in exhaust emissions. Car owners who have participated in the test all said that compared with petrol, the methanol fuel produced by Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning Technology is a more economical and potent option ; while compare with compressed natural gas, the methanol fuel is more convenient, safer and efficient.

The 150 methanol-fueled cars rolling off the assembly line marked substantial progress in methanol used as vehicle fuel and domestic fuel produced by Lanzhou Bluestar. A pilot unit that is able to produce 100,000 tons of methanol fuel each year has been built, which is the only one of its kind that is approved by Lanzhou Commission of Industry and Information Technology for methanol fuel production and transport as well as methanol refueling. This has built a solid foundation for the implementation of the methanol-fueled car pilot in Lanzhou.

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