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Innovation-Driven Development in the Making: Hangzhou Water Treatment on CCTV
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2015-05-08


On the evening of May 6, Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Research Center was covered in-depth by Half-Hour Economy of CCTV-2 for its innovations in seawater desalination. In the half-hour coverage titled “Seek Fresh Water through Desalination”, the CCTV reporter, with great accuracy and clarity, presented ChemChina, Bluestar, and Hangzhou Water Treatment as brave and devoted innovators who have been patient and perseverant in finding and seizing their opportunities.

The government now attaches great importance to entrepreneurship and innovation, which is manifested by the presence of it in the Report on the Work of the Government as one of the twin engines for economic transformation and upgrading. At the 12th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Deepening the Reform in an All-round Manner, President Xi Jinping, as chair of the meeting, emphasized again that we should breakthrough institutional barriers to promote innovation.  Against such a profoundly meaningful backdrop, Hangzhou Water Treatment was selected by CCTV as part of its “Ensure Livelihood with Innovation-driven Development” series for the achievements it made over the past 30 years and its future prospect. Themed on how to relieve the shortage or fresh water and aimed at promoting scientific and technological innovations, the reporter of the program visited some residents benefiting from the water treatment project, relevant experts, enterprise heads, front-line engineers, etc. and successfully covered different perspectives, including the simple one of the general public, the macroscopic and authoritative one of experts, and the forward-looking one of ambitious entrepreneurs. In plain and vivid language, the program depicted what Hangzhou Water Treatment has achieved over the past years, outlined the company history, and presented how ChemChina and Bluestar have shouldered the three major responsibilities as central enterprises. Moreover, detailed shoots rendered a true picture of how ordinary employees of the company have made their contributions, infusing the program with cultural and aesthetic meanings.

In the interview, Chairman and Party Secretary Ren Jianxin said that Hangzhou Water Treatment covers water environment and membrane material, two major fields involved in the 3+1 business strategy of Bluestar. Bluestar will continue to devote itself to finding solutions for environment improvement, energy-saving and emission reduction by striving for technological innovations, especially in material sciences. Its water treatment business sector, led by Hangzhou Water Treatment, will make good use of the One Belt One Road platform proposed by President Xi Jinping to expand its international business coverage, share the benefits brought by technological innovation with countries along the Belt and the Road, and seek shared development with joint efforts.

Ren also said that ChemChina values innovation highly and takes it as its lifeline. As a company driven by technological innovation, ChemChina has always been a top-notch central enterprise in terms of the number of intellectual property rights, especially invention patents in its possession, and Bluestar is a major contributor in this regard. As the third industrial revolution approaches, Internet Plus, and popular entrepreneurship and innovation will all bring us new opportunities. Bluestar will seize these opportunities to build its innovative talent pool, create a platform to offer opportunities for innovation, combine innovations with sustainable business models, and to encourage and facilitate innovation with an effective mechanism of incentives and constraints.

The coverage of CCTV brought Bluestar recognition and praise from all walks of life for what it has achieved in the water environment and membrane material fields, and people throughout the Group paid close attention. Employees watched the program and spread it around through Weibo and WeChat accounts. Everybody felt inspired and encouraged and became even more devoted to their work, with pride on their faces. Such a program made by CCTV is a great honor to everyone and high recognition for every effort they have made. We will make even more efforts to incorporate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship into our daily work and strive for greater achievements and a brighter future.
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