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Toray Bluestar Creates Innovative Service Model Closer to End Users
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2015-04-17

Toray Bluestar has recently joined hands with Guangdong Huizhong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in setting up its South China Service Center. This is a perfect combination of advanced manufacturing and modern services and it creates a brand new service model for the water treatment industry in China.

The South China Center is an innovative move of Toray Bluestar, which was made after analyzing the latest market conditions and customer demands. To better address the faults and problems frequently encountered by end users when operating the reverse osmosis membrane systems, Toray Bluestar has accumulated relevant experience through a customer care program which has been going on for two years and decided to fully launch its new business model of a “technical service center” this year. By doing so, it aims to attract strong regional partners and providing timely technical services to customers with joint efforts, thus pushing forward the transformation and innovation of the company itself and the industry as a whole. As the only one among the top three membrane suppliers in the world to bring to China the fully automatic membrane making and rolling technology, which is the core of reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing, Toray Bluestar will continue to create innovative business models, strive to adapt to the new normal, and attract more customers.
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