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Elkem''s Foundry Products and its Global Technical Foundry team receive awards
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2015-04-17

Elkem Foundry Products and its Global Technical Foundry team are honoured to be chosen to receive the following awards from the American Foundry Society at the 2015 Metalcasting Conference in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

A.F.S. Award of Scientific MeritrecognisesTorbj?rnSkaland, Elkem’s Foundry Technology Director, for “his research on the solidification characteristics of ductile iron and the development of a practical application of this research.” Dr. Skaland’s fundamental research on inoculation mechanisms was used to develop Elkem’sUltraseed? inoculant, whose unique inoculating elements minimise chill and shrinkage during the solidification of ductile iron. Dr. Skaland’s scientific work also led to the development of Elkem’sLamet? nodulizer – a series of ladle-grade magnesium-ferrosilicon alloys that maximize nodule counts and minimize the risk of microporosity in complex ductile-iron castings.

A.F.S. Service Citationrecognises Kevin McMahon, Elkem’s Field Account Manager, for “his dedication to the mission of the American Foundry Society and Division 5 through outstanding contributions at the local and national level.” Drawing on 30 years of foundry-operating experience, Mr. McMahon has been calling on Midwestern foundries for Elkem for the past six years. Throughout his career, he has held various positions in the A.F.S. North East Wisconsin Chapter and the A.F.S. Division 5 Cast Iron Committee, including chairing both.

We congratulate both colleagues on these prestigious awards!

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